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Japanese Calligraphy SHODO Class in Shinjuku,Tokyo

Ultimate Travel Experience with Japanese Traditional Culture and Art 

Japanese Calligraphy SHODO Experience with a Professional Full-time Japanese Calligraphy Teacher

Take an introductory class in the art of Japanese calligraphy in the heart of Tokyo! Miyazaki-sensei teaches Japanese Calligraphy full-time to his Japanese local students so be rest assured that you're being taught by one of the best. 

Under the guidance of your bilingual teacher, learn the basics of this ancestral art. You will learn all of his tips and tricks on how to create your own masterpiece and one of kind souvenir.

Our school teaches you an orthodox and elegant style of calligraphy based on traditional Japanese and Chinese calligraphy. We can also offer you the option to create traditional or modern calligraphic works of art.

All students are welcome, even those without Japanese language skills, as we use fully guided English textbooks as part of our course.


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japanese calligraphy lesson
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Japanse Calligraphy Master


Miyazaki was born in Kyoto, Japan. He is a Calligraphic Artist and is an Associate Member of Sogen Shodokai, the largest organization for Calligraphy in Japan. This organization was founded in 1964 by Kaneko Otei, a Pioneer of Modern Calligraphic Art and a recipient of the Order of Culture. He has been studying the art of calligraphy since the age of 10. He was taught by Master Kaneko Takayoshi, Kaneko Otei's son, who was one of the most highly acclaimed calligraphy artists of all time. Since then, he has mastered various skills and gained in depth knowledge of the different aspects of Calligraphy. As a result, he has won a number of prizes in calligraphic competitions. To name a few,  he won the prestigious Mainichi Prize, the best prize that can be awarded to an artist under the age of 23. This was held by the Mainichi Calligraphic competition in 2003. He also won the Sogen Shodokai competition in 2012. He started to teach Japanese Calligraphy since the age of 23.

Finally, he has been a judge panel member of the Sogen Shodokai Competition since 2013.


*2003-2005 Calligraphy instructor in Czech-Japanese Association in Prague.

*2008-2009 Calligraphy instructor in Czech-Japanese Association in Prague.

*2009 Calligraphy instructor in Charles University in Prague.

*2016 Published Calligraphy Textbook for beginners in Czech Republic.


→Instructor's calligraphic artworks

Dedicated - SS16 - Atsushi - a dedicated shodo artist
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Oct. 2019 Japanese actress and model Mirei KIRITANI had a Japanese Calligraphy lesson in my studio.

calligraphy japanese actress

Oct. 2019 Japanese railway company ODAKYU recommends our Japanese calligraphy studio.

Apr. 2019 Oldest English language magazine in Japan,"Tokyo Weekender" recommends our Japanese calligraphy studio.

Oct. 2018 Interview by "Travel & Leisure"

Feb. 2018 Interview by

Oct. 2016 Calligraphy work for Kabuki actor Nakamura Shikan 中村芝翫

Apr. 2016 Japanese Calligraphy Studio had a partnership with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. (Tokyo Action Partner)

Feb. 2016 The collaboration with Danish fashion company, Gabba.

Japanese Calligraphy Course

Japanese Calligraphy Experience




All materials are included in the lesson fee.
Learn the basics of Calligraphy.
Try writing Calligraphy on a paper board as your souvenir.

8,000 yen
per person (75 min.)

Private Group Lesson Fees:
1 person 20,000 yen
2 people 14,000 yen per person
3-4 people 11,000 yen per person
5-6 people 10,000 yen per person
more than 7 people 8,000 yen per person

Please pay in advance by PayPal.

Cancellations or changes to dates can only be provided 7 days prior to your lesson
Otherwise, we can provide a refund for 50% of the booking fee if made at least 48 hours prior.
No refunds on cancellations prior to this and in the case of no-shows.

1. You can create your own unique souvenir

2. You will get your name in Japanese

3. Master of Calligraphy, who has a lot of experience for teaching non-Japanese students, will instruct you.

1. A short introduction about the course

2. A short introduction about Japanese letters and history of Chinese characters

3. Learn the basics of calligraphy (how to hold the brush, how to draw strokes)

4. Try writing calligraphy with Kanji (Chinese characters)
5. Try writing your name in Japanese 

6. Try writing calligraphy with Kanji on the Japanese traditional paper board.

10200 yen (3 lessons per month), Students: 5000 yen (3 lessons per month)
7700 yen (2 lessons per month), Students: 4000 yen (2 lessons per month)



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